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Our S series shear wrench is characterized by beautiful design, high power, as well as high performance ratio, offering users a highly comfortable operating experience. Its motor and gear have a long service life. It is ideal for using in bridge construction, high-rise buildings, metallurgical construction, power plant construction, chemical industry construction, etc.

S series shear wrench is designed to fasten or tighten torsional shear type high strength bolt or tension control bolt. The bolt has a splined end that will disconnect when the bolt's tension reaches a predetermined value. That is to say, the splined end is sheared off means that the bolt has reached to the pre-tension.

Tightening of tension control bolt is done in two steps, namely, initial tightening and final tightening. For the initial tightening, the strength should reach the 60%-80% of standard axial force or pre-tension, and the initial torque value is not less than 30% of the final torque value. For the final tightening, the splined end will be twisted off. To ensure all bolts of bolt groups are uniformly loaded, the two processes should be performed or carried out orderly.

This S series shear wrench is an indispensable tool for tightening tension control bolts. Its torque precision and axial force is guaranteed by the V-notch. To suit varied requirements of different customers, our company offers the product with the max. power of 1800W, 2300W, 2800W and 3600W. The rated voltage comes in 110V and 230V, suitable for using in different countries and areas.

Our company is a specialized S series shear wrench manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as SA series shear srench, hand shear wrench, and electric torque wrench.

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