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SA series shear srench is characterized by small size, light weight, high power of 2000W, as well as a long service life. It is widely used for tightening bolts in high-rise buildings, bridge construction, metallurgical construction, chemical industry construction, and power plant construction, and the like.

This SA series shear srench is used for fastening tension control bolt. The bolt offers a splined end which will be separated from the bolt when a predetermined tension value is reached. The tightening operation falls into two stages including initial tightening and final tightening. For the first stage, 60%-80% of standard axial force or pre-tension should be achieved and the initial torque value is not less than the 30% of final torque value. As for the second stage, the splined end will be twisted off. To ensure all bolts of bolt groups are uniformly loaded, the two processes should be carried out in a certain order.

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