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Electric or hand shear wrench is ideal for tightening torsional shear type high strength bolt or tension control bolt. The following information is being provided to help you use the tool accurately.

Operators insert the socket of shear wrench into the keyway of tension control bolt and then pull the switch. When the desired torque has been reached a few seconds later, bolt rotation speed began to slow down gradually. At the moment, the splined end is sheared off. Operators can separate this tool from nut and the splined end will be ejected by pressing the switch. Thus, the final tightening is completed.

Warning and Cautions
Please read this user manual carefully before using this tool and pay more attention to the following advices.
1. Don't use this shear wrench in damp, snowy and rainy areas where there are risks of fire, explosion or electric-shock.
2. Operators should try their best to prevent body from contacting with earthed or grounded metal surfaces. Therefore, electric safety can be further improved.
3. Earth-leakage circuit breaker and ground wire need to be installed for protecting against electrical leakage or shock.
4. Electric cable has to be regularly checked to avoid electrical shock, electrical leakage, etc.
5. Don't use the shear wrench in places where there are flammable things such as benzene, gasoline, etc. to prevent fires or explosions.
6. Don't connect the ground wires to gas or water pipelines. Otherwise, fires or explosion may occur.
7. Operators need to wear the safety belt and put on safety helmet or electrical insulating glove.
8. If you need to use extension cables, ground wires and triaxial cable are indispensable.

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