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By using the German metallurgical technology, the T series electric torque wrench features light weight, small size as well as a long service life. Its main part is assembled using imported components which are safe, reliable, sturdy and durable. It is available in power rating of 1650W, 2000W, and 2800W. However, the similar product imported from Japan just offers the power of 1200W. Our product with high power can improve the working efficiency and speed up the progress of our projects. To suit varied requirements of our customers, the torque value can be set at their disposal. This torque wrench is used for initial tightening and final tightening, coming with high precision and low failure rate. It enjoys a high reputation in this industry.

As a China-based electric torque wrench manufacturer and supplier, Hanpu provides a broad range of products that includes SA series shear srench, S series shear wrench, hand shear wrench, and more.

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