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Our electric torque wrench is intended for tightening or fastening high strength hex bolt. Both torque and axial force can be set as per your needs. Once the torque or axial force reaches the set value, this tool will automatically stop fastening.

Tightening of high strength hex bolt is divided into two parts which are initial tightening and final tightening. However, for some large nodes, it is better to do the initial tightening once again. The initial torque or axial force is 50% of final torque or axial force which is determined by the requirement of the construction project.

This electric torque wrench comes with small size, light weight, high power, as well as a long service life. It not only uses a unique digital control system, but also offers advanced security system, requiring passwords entry to prevent users from changing passwords randomly. This torque wrench is also equipped with an alarm system for short circuit, broken circuit, overload voltage and current, etc. It can also accurately control the tension. Currently, the product adopts the most advanced fastening technologies in the world, widely used in the fields of bridge construction, chemical industry, petroleum pipeline, railway construction, power plant equipment, wind power generation, and steel frame building construction, and more.

Warnings and Cautions
1. Please read the instruction manual carefully before using your wrench.
2. Make sure that you connect the extension cable in the correct way. Otherwise, with the decreasing voltage, the rotation speed of motor will slow down and reduce motor torque. Thus, motor will become quite hot and then short circuit may occur. If the cross section area of the extension cable is not less than 1.25m2, the cable is not longer than 20m. If the cross section area is not less than 2.0 m2, the cable is not longer than 30m. If the area is not less than 3.5 m2, the cable is not longer than 60m.
3. Please make sure that earth wire is connected or earth leakage circuit breaker is installed. Or else electric shock or electricity leakage will occur because of moist air.
4. You should keep your electric torque wrench running for 5 to 10 minutes before it begins to work. Otherwise, torque value will be incorrect, reducing its service life.
5. Carbon brush has to be replaced if the length is less than 6mm. Or else, rotor will be burned by the electric sparks caused by the lower spring pressure.

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